Our Team

● King Shuk Nag (Ex Edito Times of India& Author)

● Abhisar Sharma (Ex-Executive editor of NDTV& ABP News). the conversation is moving forward.

● Sushant Singh (Author, Actor Bollywood, Presenter & known for his works predominantly in Sadhana India and Hindi cinema.

● JusticeB. Chandrakumar (Ex APHigh Court Judge, Author & Activist)

● Shafiquzzaman (Ex IAS &Principal SecretaryUnited AP Govt.)

● ArshiyaAyyub (SocialActivist)

● Prof Apoorvanand (Activist, Author, Secularist & Sr Journalist)

● Ram Puniyani (Author, Activist, & Historian)

● Anil Chamadia (LeadingMedia Strategists, Ambedkarian, Activist)

● Prashant Tandon (ExExecutive editor of IBN 7, India TV& TV9 English)

● Nidheeesh Tyagi (Ex-Head BBC Hindi National, Ex Network18, Ex Times Group, Ex Bhaskar, Ex Tribune, CheveningFellow)

● Punya Prasun Vajpayee (Ex Executive editor Aaj Tak, Jansatta, Sunday Observer, Sunday Mail, Lokmat, Zee News & NDTV. the conversation is moving forward.

Support Ethical Journalism

Accurate field reporting is the soul of good journalism. It is the news that separ ates the best from the noise.

How is Link Network different?

Link Network is an independent voice, looking at the world based on our core principles. We are not a mouthpiece of any political party or individual. Of course, our commentaries may at times be supportive of some, whose convictions converge with that of ours. Link Network is the confident voice of the New India. We are not inflexibly doctrinaire. Link Network is bold enough to be accommodative, or even to change stances when our principles demand that. This is strength, not weakness. We will allow counterpoints to be raised. We will carry rejoinders as a counterpoint, or to counter a point.

This is central to Link Network’s editorial philosophy. Although not yet three, Link Network is building a wonderful team of young journalists. The yare sharp, enterprising, and brave. Headed by national-level electronic and print media tycoons. Good journalism, however, needs support from good people. People like you who appreciate the ethical journalism, we are reaching out to ask if you’d pay something for not only making it possible but also expanding it. This is an appeal for voluntary subscriptions to fund our news coverage, especially field reporting.

We hope you will reward and support ethical, professional, on-ground journalism.

At EIMF, we thank you for your trust. We promise to keep going deeper and further into the country to bring you cover age of incomparable quality and credibility. Founder & Editor-In-Chief

How is Link Network different? & Our services

According to Amir Khan’s movie PK The man of this round world (gola) thinks something, speaks something and does something. We shook all three in the one Gola and decided to write as people think and speak. News, views, and everything that lies beyond them.

Link Network dreams of scale. We are platform agnostic. Digital technology has gr early lowered entry barriers in news media entrepreneurship. It enables s us to reach larger and relevant audiences in a quick time. We will combine the smart use of technology with ground-breaking ideas in editorial thinking.

Cricket is not just a game score, Politics is not just the statement of politicians and society is not just the news of the media. That’s why we tell all the fascinating stories of the world, in a typical way.


Link Network is the India’s ‘New Age’ Multilingual news portal with live news tv. Style of the appearance of its content will be pleasing to young minds with its modern language, approach and news criteria. Focusing selective news with 360-degree cover age, along with inclusive report and analysis of the news, with additional features like quiz, poll etc as well.

The uniqueness of Link Network is its appealing Hindi language with the desi and English words. It narrates the news exactly as the young India speaks. It means different thing to different people – a platform for the articulate, a trendsetter for the young and a chronicle for the old.

Link Network won’t follow every news, won’t make any sensational news and even it won’t cover bikini shoot and affair gossips, it brings news with a new angle. it is progressive about gender, caste and social justice. This network not only brings news but also views. And these views are not only for the purpose of just intellectual awareness, but a newsreader feels connected in a new way with personal experiences of free and fearless journalism.

Ensuring a viewer’s ‘feeling good’ factor by giving funny facts, stories, quizzes, reviews and information around the world. Talking openly taboo subjects, series on special occasions, history subjects be it Premchand’s birthday or the Oscar Award films Link Network reviews the latest release of Netflix and talks about Punjabi and Hyderabadi Deccan films too. A platform for all news from American elections to the elections of Gram Panchayat.

International media is representing India as ” that is India” Link Network who is proud representing India of its village and countryside and knows how to compete for the world. As we unveil the full range of our products, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism

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