Link Network’s is a next generation multi-lingual, multimedia
and multi-platform digital media venture. Its twin objectives
are to reimagine journalism and disrupt news stereo types.

It currently comprises six language verticals- English, Hindi,
Telegu, Marathi, Malayalam and kannada.

It’s constituency is the millennial generation. it strives to
dode-hierarchise the information society.

It seeks to describe, not prescribe, the emerging world by providing timely context, analysis and perspective. It places a premium on creating original content rather than recycling news and information. it explores newer and hybrid genres and formats of storytelling for better engagement.


It’s about knowledge, not information; Process, not Product. Its new-age journalism.

Link Network is a news, analysis, opinion and knowledge venture, It is
sharply focused on politics and policy, government and governance.

Its leadership team includes India’s most experienced and respected journalists with proven track records in the finest news organisations

Our Mission

Ethical and independent media foundation (EIMF) is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty.

The Indian society must be well informed in order to make decisions regarding their lives, and their local and national communities.

Who we are

We are headquartered in New Delhi, and are in the process of building a network across India because we believe in investing in high-quality investigative and questioning journalism.

EIMF believes that public enlightenment is the foundation of justice and democracy. For this reason, it has faith in Ethical journalism.


Ethical and independent Media Foundation (EIMF) a non-profit public trust was established in 2020 to foster journalism as an independent, investigative, socially responsible, and ethical profession. EIMF aims to promote excellence in the field through education, training, and media related research. It seeks to equip the aspiring modern journalist with the capabilities to achieve world-class standards in the profession. It is committed to promoting diversity and broadening access to journalism by offering educational and training opportunities to all groups in society, including those who are severely underrepresented in the journalistic profession.

Support Ethical

Accurate field reporting is the soul of good journalism. It is the news that separates the best from the noise

How is Link Network different?

Link Network dreams of scale. We are platform agnostic. Digital technology has greatly lowered entry barriers in news media entrepreneurship. It enables s us to reach larger and relevant audiences in a quick time. We will combine smart use of technology with ground-breaking ideas in editorial thinking

Cricket is not just a game score, Politics is not just the statement of politicians and society is not just the news of the media. That’s why we tell all the fascinating stories of the world, in a typicalway.

Link Network is the India’s ‘New Age’ Multilingual news portal with live news tv. Style of the appearance of its content will be pleasing to young minds with its modern language, approach and news criteria. Focusing selective news with 360 degree cover age, along with inclusive report and analysis of the news, with additional features like quiz, poll etc as well.

The uniqueness of Link Network is its appealing Hindi language with the desi and English words. It narrates the news exactly as the young India speaks. It means different thing to different people – a platform for the articulate, a trendsetter for the young and a chronicle for the old.

Why we need your Support

1. Independent Journalism & Vibrant Media Foundation is run by the non-profit Counter Media Trust.

2. We do not take money from large corporate Houses or the government.

3. As a nonprofit media venture we depend on donations from foundations, institutions, anyone
who sees value in independent media, our Readers/Viewers/Visitors and philanthropically minded individuals(who, by law, must be Indian citizens) for the bulk of its revenue.

4. Link Network has a strict code of ethics on news & views. it believes that news is sacred and not to be tampered with. Its new

Link Network believes in

  • Free markets
  • Individual freedom
  • Individual enterprise
  • Integrity of India
  • Gender equality
  • Democr acy
  • Secularism which does not pander
  • Separation of religion from politics
  • Gender equality
  • Democr acy
  • Secularism which does not pander
  • Separation of religion from politics

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